dk.js package


dk.js.js module

This module is dedicated to creating javascript snippets that can be consumed elsewhere. (uses MochiKit and seems to be imported in way too many places...)


Output javascript to focus on item.

dk.js.js.javascript(txt, **args)[source]

Compress javascript into a single line, for in-situ on___ handlers.

Same as a html.a element

dk.js.js.set_datefield(name, year, month, day)[source]

The year/month/day values need to be calculated as in the SetDateButton in widgets.


Add onblur handler that connects the above event handler.

dk.js.js.setpnumber_function(postnrid, poststedid)[source]

Event handler to load poststed from postnr, through an ajax call.


JS sniplet that will submit the named form when being the target of an event-handler.

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