Source code for dk.dkimport

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Convenience function for importing a fqdn from a package.
   (to hide the baroque nature of __import__).

import os, inspect

[docs]def dkimport(name): """Import and return the item specified by name: Usage:: >>> item = dkimport('dk.core.dkimport.dkimport') >>> item.__name__ 'dkimport' """ name = str(name) # can't import unicode, or special chars.. if name.startswith('/'): raise ValueError("Cannot import from implicit root.") if '.' in name: package, item = name.rsplit('.', 1) tmp = __import__(package, {}, {}, [item], -1) return getattr(tmp, item) else: return __import__(name, {}, {}, [], -1)
def _true(_x): return True
[docs]def load_files_from(module_path, module_name, filefilter=None): """Load all .py files in module. """ filefilter = filefilter or _true for fname in sorted(os.listdir(module_path)): valid_fname = fname.endswith('.py') and not fname.startswith('_') if valid_fname and filefilter(fname): name = os.path.splitext(fname)[0] yield dkimport(module_name + '.' + name)
[docs]def defined_symbols(module, attrfilter=None, itemfilter=None): """Return symbols that are defined in module. """ attrfilter = attrfilter or _true itemfilter = itemfilter or _true for attr in dir(module): if attr.startswith('_'): continue if not attrfilter(attr): continue item = getattr(module, attr) if inspect.getmodule(item) == module and itemfilter(item): yield item
[docs]def dkimport_star(modname, **kw): """Import all names from module `modname`, similar to:: from modname import * Available ``**kw`` arguments: filefilter A function that receives a filename (with extension but without path) that should return True if the filename should be included. useful for modularly implementing functionality, yet making it dynamically available from the top namespace:: ...path/cmds/ def a(): ... ...path/cmds/ def b(): ... ...path/cmds/ def c(): ... ...path/cmds/ from dk.dkimport import dkimport_star as _dki for _item in _dki('..path.cmds'): if hasattr(_item, '__name__'): globals()[_item.__name__] = _item """ module_path, module_name = modname.rsplit('.', 1) parent_module = dkimport(module_path) parent_path = os.path.split(parent_module.__file__)[0] fpath = os.path.join(parent_path, module_name) symbols = [] for m in load_files_from(fpath, modname, kw.get('filefilter')): for symbol in defined_symbols(m, kw.get('attrfilter'), kw.get('itemfilter')): symbols.append(symbol) return symbols
[docs]def dkimport_functions(modname, **kw): """Return all functions from all direct sub-modules of `modname`. """ return dkimport_star(modname, itemfilter=inspect.isfunction, **kw)